• Dashboard

    Here you can view, create and track all run throughs, competitions scores, team and individual practices and take attendance. See team view or individual skater view.

  • My Calendar

    Coaches and skaters can calendar all competition events, private practice times, team practice and all things skating. Coaches can create events to populate into entire teams' calendar or just their own.

  • My Photos&Videos


  • My Practice Journal

    Skaters can track and record training and type to assist in meeting goals and diagnose training gaps.

  • My Filing Cabinet

    Skaters and Coaches and load important documents and files. Files available 24 x7 on any device, able to be viewed, downloaded, sent or printed. Can be used  for their own reference or to share with others

  • Send Message

    Send team or individual messages back and forth between coach and skater. Great for review of discussions. Looks like an iPhone text message session. 

  • Tasks

    Allows Coaches to set tasks for specific individuals or entire team, quickly and easily setting and tracking  task completion. 

  • As a former competitor turned moves and dance coach it was clear the note books for journaling training rarely left the skate bags and team coaches could not evaluate skater efforts without a new tool. Tools focused on individual skaters could not be adapted to the team environment easily. Our tool is designed to do this and more.

    Kevin SpadaCo-Founder, Edgeflo Technologies & TrackMySkating.com

    The sporting world has been waiting for just this tool. The gathering of crucial data that can be analyzed to assist in the development of medal winning individuals and teams’ is super powerful! It’s exciting to know that soon you will be able to create real stories, based on factual training trends that can help predict a competitive outcome.

    Reisa Bonetti-SullivanMyDressageStats.com, Founder&CEO

    Today, while some teams are wading into the field, many still do not utilize sports analytics in any significant way, in part because they do not know where to start or how to integrate analytics into their organization. This is where the institutional structures described here can have a significant impact

    Vijay MehrotraProfessor, Dept of Finance and Quantitative Analytics, School of Business and Professional Studies, University of San Francisco

    “The visual nature of the system means it's easy to interpret and great for kids, so they can clearly see progress which will aid motivation.” Wired Magazine, 12/16/13

    Ruth ThomsonCambridge Consultants

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